Vermont Natural Coatings - PolyWhey® Naturally Derived Wood Finishes

Product Summary

Vermont Natural Coatings is a locally based, environmentally sustainable business producing PolyWhey® naturally derived wood finishes without the toxic chemicals of other finishes. PolyWhey technology has emerged as a new category of wood finish that performs like an oil-based finish, applies with the ease of a waterborne but without the negative qualities associated with each. The result is a naturally durable, safe and easy to use finish that meets the highest professional and environmental standards.


    VNC’s PolyWhey natural finishes are tough – scratch, chemical, and water resistant – dry quickly, and do not yellow
    VNC’s PolyWhey natural finishes surpass the strictest indoor air quality standards with VOC levels below 180g/L (grams per liter)
    VNC’s PolyWhey natural finishes are easy to apply with a brush, spray gun, t-bar or lambswool applicator.

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